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Post by Admin on Sun Mar 29, 2015 4:24 pm

The forum exists primarily for the benefit our animals by promoting their proper care.  All rules are formulated to enable us to keep the forum as friendly and helpful as possible.  Members who consistently prove they are unable to use the forum in the spirit it is intended will be banned.

Please adhere to the following RULES:

Accounts must be validated before you can post.
You are not allowed to have more than one account.  Anyone found doing so will have one of the accounts deleted or deactivated and a warning will be issued.
Do not share accounts.
Please introduce yourself after joining.  We would like to know who we are talking to.
Use proper English and take pride in your spelling and grammar.  Members should not use "textspeak" or excessive abbreviations in their posts.
You will be able to edit mistakes in posts within 5 minutes after being placed.
Do not use any images or text in your avatar or signature that may be offensive to other members.
Please limit the size of your signature.  Admin reserves the right to remove any links in your signature that is felt to be against the spirit of the forum.

Advertisement - The forum allows advertising where it is to the benefit of members and their animals. Such posts are restricted to the 'Classifieds Section'.  Advertisement in other sections will be removed.
Do not post personal information like banking details.

Images - (See HOW TO INSERT AN IMAGE in the Q&A)  Ensure that pictures are of a controllable size. This not only ensures faster downloading for viewers but also stops sideways scrolling (which makes posts difficult to read). As a guide, pictures should not exceed 600 pixels wide.  DO NOT link to images from other people's websites unless you have permission to do so. Members are also asked to ensure that images are copyright free.

The forum should be a place where people can come to learn about animal care no matter what their current position is. Members ask questions to be helped, not judged. 'Ganging up' on other members will not be tolerated. Where a member's views are in conflict with other members views, you are reminded that attitudes are more readily changed by gentleness and education than argument and attack.
It is accepted that from time to time members will disagree with each others opinions, beliefs or advice, but we ask that all members post with respect of others' points of view, and do not let their posts degrade into petty arguments or personal attacks. Name calling will not be tolerated regardless of whom or as what. This rule applies equally to treatment of third parties (e.g. sellers, breeders, members of other forums etc who are not active members on this forum).

Moderators and administrators have the right to make any amendments to these rules when they see fit to do so.

It is accepted that not everyone will read the rules before posting, and anyone receiving a warning will be asked to look through these rules. Whilst moderators work hard to keep everything running smoothly, sometimes posts that violate a rule can get missed, and we ask that members can be responsible for themselves. We ask that you report such posts, rather than replying to them. It is greatly appreciated if you can aid moderators by reporting any abuse of the rules that is witnessed - either by using the report function, or by contacting Admin and provide a link to the offending post.

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